+7 (495) 933-66-66
20 July, 19:50:22

Live flight information

Flight number Destination Time Status Actual time
YC 333 NIZHNEVARTOVSK 19:35 Estimated 19:52 Subscribe
IG 9998 (shared with S7 698) VERONA 19:40 19:50 Subscribe
S7 698 VERONA 19:40 Estimated 19:50 Subscribe
U6 2914 KUTAISI 19:40 Arrived 19:19 Subscribe
I8 307 IZHEVSK 19:40 Arrived 19:42 Subscribe

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Dear passengers,

If you are a witness of an unlawful act or have any information about a security threat to the passengers or the airport, please call the 24/7 hotline of the Russian Ministry of the Interior call center at Domodedovo Airport at +7 495 967-82-78 or the emergency hotline at +7 495 543-99-55.

Construction work underway on the federal highway A-105

Dear passengers,

There is construction work underway on the federal highway A-105 to Moscow Domodedovo Airport. When planning your arrival time at the airport, please consider possible delays on your way. Please keep in mind that you are always welcome to use the Aeroexpress trains.