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Domodedovo Construction Management is aimed to perform the functions of a single centre consolidating the management of construction and reconstruction of Moscow Domodedovo Airport facilities.

The company is able to simultaneously act as the owner-developer of more than 60 projects of different complexity profiles, while ensuring organization of the complete cycle of construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.

To accomplish these tasks, the company operates in the following areas:

  • elaboration of a master plan for the development of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, taking into account the development of the adjacent territory;
  • conceptual design of all objects of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, expert examination of project documentation;
  • functions of customer's management on construction sites;
  • project management, technical supervision.

Today, the company employs more than 250 specialists. All of them are highly qualified professionals in the field of construction. The most part of specialists have years of experience in organizations, acting as an owner-builder, general contractor or general designer. Specialists of Domodedovo Construction Management professionally organize and conduct a qualitative examination of the design documentation, develop custom engineering and design solutions. In addition, a regular monitoring of the construction materials market allows giving sound advice on their use. At all sites of Moscow Domodedovo Airport the contractors widely use modern construction techniques and equipment.

The company applies its carefully developed technology for the competitive selection of construction contracts. Only pre-qualified companies are invited to participate in tenders – the main criteria of such preliminary selection are experience and quality of work, financial and business reliability of the company.

Regulatory framework for the management of construction projects takes into account state regulation of the construction industry, its peculiarities and traditions, as well as international experience in construction projects.

Particular attention is paid to forming a single recognizable style in the interior design and the ensemble of buildings and facilities of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Future projects
As an owner-developer, in 2013 the company plans to participate in the development of projects concerning further expansion of the airport complex. Most significant of these projects are:

  • construction of storage tank RVS-5000 and other POL facilities
  • construction of Domodedovo Cargo Terminal. Phases 3, 4
  • construction of Technical Crew Building-3 and Technical Crew Building-4
  • construction of Multi-Storey Car Parking
  • construction of Passenger Terminal. Phase T-3
  • designing a master plan for Aerotropolis project
  • design and construction of new railway station
  • construction of Emergency Diesel Generating Station
  • construction of system for automated control and monitoring of WME facilities

Domodedovo Construction Management
Moscow Domodedovo Airport
Moscow Region

Tel.: +7 (495) 795 38 16
Fax: +7 (495) 795 34 43
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