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Domodedovo Airport Handling

Domodedovo Airport Handling provides efficient aircraft ground handling of partner airlines.

The enterprise provides the following services:

  • organising and performing the full range of passenger and airline handling operations for domestic and international flights;
  • tracking aircraft to the parking stand and back;
  • baggage handling, tracing and storage of unclaimed baggage;
  • transportation along the apron, loading and unloading of baggage, cargo and mail;
  • supervisor service*
  • aircraft towing and positioning on the parking area;
  • supplying power to aircraft;
  • accounting and storage of unit load devices;
  • cabin cooling and heating;
  • cabin cleaning, equipping the aircraft;
  • servicing aircraft lavatories;
  • servicing / filling various aircraft systems with special fluids and gases;
  • de-icing services;
  • delivery of passengers and crews;
  • providing boarding bridges and passengers steps for boarding and disembarking;
  • preparation and execution of flight documents;
  • alignment and control of aircraft loading;
  • operational aircraft maintenance;
  • maintenance, repair and cleaning of special and motor transport owned by airport enterprises and partner airlines.

Domodedovo Airport Handling Modern equipment supplied by leading global manufacturers is used during aircraft ground handling.

  • digital communication systems (TETRA);
  • aircraft power supply (Houchin, Hitzinger);
  • aircraft tow tractors (Schopf), towbars (Cavotec, Hydro);
  • rheinmetall air start units (MSU-200) for hot air supply to the gas turbine engines of the aircraft;
  • passengers steps (TLD, FMC) and boarding bridges (Thyssen Krupp), including dual ones (first put into operation in Russia at Domodedovo Airport);
  • buses specially designed for transportation along the apron (Neoplan, Cobus, Ford);
  • sewage trucks, water bowsers (Volvo, Mercedes);
  • unique emergency vehicles for aircraft de-icing treatment: Elephant Beta standart, Elephant Beta 15 of the leading global manufacturer Vestergaard, and Safeaero SDI 218 machines, the distinctive feature of which is that the driver is simultaneously the operator handling the aircraft, which optimises the cost of additional staff.

The enterprise has implemented and applies advanced technologies to optimise ground handling processes and improve their quality

  • operational transport support information system (OTSS) with the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology; the system registers information on movements and special transport modes in the terminal area; SAFEDOCK is an automatic system for positioning (docking) aircraft at a parking stand equipped with a boarding bridge;
  • BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) is an electronic co-ordination system for checked and loaded baggage;
  • SITA Airport Connect CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) sharing apron that supports CUSS (Common Use Self Service) technology of self-check in desks and SITA DCS host system of upload control;
  • AODB - Airport Operational Database synchronises all the airport’s functions insuring flight performance; the database has allowed the use of modern means of informing passengers (Internet, e-mail, SMS). Based on AODB data, the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) conveniently and promptly informs airport staff and passengers;
  • BHS – Baggage Handling System provides multi-level screening of passenger baggage and optimises the baggage tracking and delivery process to the point of baggage make-up for flights using the wireless terminals of the BRS operating system.


  • implementation of underground supply systems for aircraft parking stands (Pop-up Pit Systems);
  • expanding the use of Wi-Fi technology to ensure rapid access for supervisors to the information contained in the airport’s databases (checking the compliance of individual airline handling parameters with the level of service, documents, etc.) directly on the apron with the use of handheld personal computers;
  • expanding the special and motor transport fleet;
  • construction of specialised sites for aircraft de-icing treatment.

*Supervisors are specialists who co-ordinate the ground handling process as a link between an airline and the services of industrial aviation companies. Although this is standard practice for foreign airports, this scope of authority delegated to supervisors was implemented for the first time in Russia at Domodedovo Airport.



142015, Moscow region, Domodedovo, Domodedovo Airport area, building 1

Telephone number: +7 (495) 363 64 27

Fax: +7 (495) 790 74 17

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