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Aerodrome Complex The high-tech infrastructure of Domodedovo Airfield Facilities has made the airport a leader in Russia in air passenger and cargo carriage.

Domodedovo Airfield Facilities operates and implements measures for prospective development of airfield complex.

The airfield of Domodedovo Airport certified from 1992 onwards in compliance with international standards, serves all types of domestic and foreign aircraft.

Main areas of activity of the enterprise:

  1. ensuring aircraft take-off and landing, which includes the following activities:
    • maintaining operational availability of airfield pavements (repair, marking, cleaning, lighting);
    • airfield lighting facilities;
    • maintaining constant readiness of ground rescue and fire fighting services;
    • ornithological security;
  2. airfield air navigation services (jointly with Moscow Centre for Automated Air Traffic Control) and maintaining the operational availability of radio equipment, means of airborne communications and aeronautical fixed telecommunications, as well as emergency alert systems;
  3. provision of public and telecommunications services in the airport enterprises, thus putting the following systems into operation:
    • airport power supply system;
    • airport gas supply system;
    • boiler plants, airport heat supply system;
    • artesian water supply system;
    • sewerage systems;
    • communication systems.

Aerodrome Complex The airfield makes an area of 1,287 hectares, including 249 hectares of pavement. The apron is designed to park 143 aircraft of various types – from Falcone 90 business aircraft to largest passenger and cargo jets such as Airbus 380, Ruslan and Boeing 747-400.

Domodedovo Airport has two parallel runways located so as to allow independent operation, which is a unique competitive advantage of the airport. At the current equipment level, up to 70, and at peak load - up to 90 - take-off and landing operations per hour can be carried out.

Both runways at Domodedovo Airport are certified in accordance with category IIIA of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This certification category allows landing operations under adverse weather conditions, primarily due to the presence of modern lighting, meteorological and radio equipment. Thus, the runway facilities can significantly reduce delays due to weather conditions and ensure high regularity of flights.

Aerodrome Complex

The first manoeuvring area was reconstructed in accordance with the Federal Target Programme "Modernisation of the Transport System of the Russian Federation (2002-2010)". In the first phase of the project, main taxiway 2 was reconstructed and further equipped as a temporary runway. Thus, the taxiway functionally replaced Runway 1 for the period of its reconstruction. Replacement of Runway 1 helped to maintain the airport’s required handling capacity during the reconstruction period. The second phase included the reconstruction of Runway 1 and complete modernisation of the entire manoeuvring area. Commissioning of Runway 1 was an important benchmark in the life of the airport. The technologies and pavement used on the runway have no counterparts in the Russian Federation, and the unique high-speed taxiway system allows an aircraft to leave the runway after landing at a speed of 93 km/h on a wet surface. In December 2009, Moscow Domodedovo Airport began carrying out simultaneous independent take-offs from both runways according to ICAO standards and recommended practice.

The geometry and modern facilities of Runway 1 allowed Domodedovo Airport to become the first and only airport in Russia permitted to receive the largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus 380.

More than 900 high-level professionals are involved in operations at the enterprise.


  • retrofitting the airfield complex with new technology, improving pavement maintenance on the airfield, fire protection and emergency maintenance of flights;
  • development and implementation of progressive airfield maintenance schedules in the autumn and winter period;
  • automation of process flows in the field of navigation and monitoring of the state of airfield pavements;
  • equipping automatic broadcasting of operational flight information in the airfield area with a modern hardware and software system.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Ornithological Service

The Ornithological Service monitors the ornithological situation at the airport in connection with aircraft safety.

Service professionals use modern techniques and equipment, including mobile and stationary bio-acoustic systems, visual repellents, bird anti-perching devices, propane cannons and live traps to implement measures aimed at reducing bird concentrations on the airfield and adjacent areas.

The use of hunting patrol birds (goshawks) began for the first time in Russia at Domodedovo Airport.

Using birds of prey provides ornithological safety without disturbing the natural balance by additional use of chemicals and pyrotechnic devices.

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