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On modification in Procedure of Preflight Formalities for Passengers Flying to the Republic of Kazakhstan


On July 1, 2011, Moscow Domodedovo Airport opened a separated sector for preflight formalities for the passengers flying to the Republic of Kazakhstan. All that the passengers flying to the Republic of Kazakhstan will have to do now is to go through passport and security control with no customs control.

Facilitation of preflight formalities has become possible due to the decision of the Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Following this decision the customs, transport and other control shall be transferred from the Russian-Kazakhstan border to the external border of the Customs Union. This will abolish internal customs borders between Russia and Kazakhstan.

As the result of implementation of a new Customs Union's decision, the Domodedovo Airport would like to notice that the time needed for preflight formalities can increase because of a new service scheme for passengers flying to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To improve the quality of service provided to the passengers of the said flights, the admission to the zone of preflight control is open 1,5 hours prior departure.

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