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The restaurants can be found on Levels 1 and 2 of the common area of the Terminal and in the international departures area.

Due Colonne | Paprika | Zu Cafe | Vienna Cafe | American Bar & Grill | Uzbechka


Ground floor, international departures finger

Average bill: 900 ₽

Classic Italian cuisine: fresh fruits and vegetables, great selection of soups and salads, durum wheat pasta and thin-crust crispy pizza, freshly made desserts, a variety of drinks and the world's best Italian coffee.



Level 2 of the Terminal

Average bill: 1200 ₽

An exclusive Indian restaurant. Its specialty are delicious and healthy dishes cooked in an Indian tandoor clay oven using charcoal.


Level 2 of the Terminal

Average bill: 1250 ₽

Pan-Asian cuisine. Authentic Asian dishes - dim sum, wok, Peking duck - by chefs from Shanghai and Malaysia.


Level 2, international departures finger

Average bill: 900 ₽

Classic European full-cycle restaurant. The menu includes original salads, Viennese sausages, hot soups, schnitzel, strudel, and other Viennese classics. Cafe takes its pride in the famous Austrian premium coffee brand Julius Meinl.

American Bar & Grill

Level 1 of the Terminal

Average bill: 1000 ₽

A conceptual restaurant offering the authentic atmosphere of an American loft restaurant and bar. The menu features the all–time hits of the American cuisine — burgers, juicy steaks, Buffalo wings, Caesar salads, etc. — everything house–made. The bar has a large selection of drinks.


Level 2, domestic departures finger

Average bill: 900 ₽

A modern free-flow concept of ethnic cuisine at affordable prices where customers can move freely along the service counters and combine dishes as they wish. The restaurant offers a rich selection of popular delicious Uzbek dishes and the atmosphere of one of the most hospitable countries in Central Asia. Our traditional bread is cooked in a tandoor oven over an open fire by Uzbek chefs.